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Residential Energy Services

Secure your homes energy costs

Rate Lock by Ohio Energy Management secures your electric and gas rate from rising during this inflationary period. This offer is at no cost to you and is risk-free. Ohio Energy Management has serviced the energy management needs of Businesses for the past 13 years, we are pleased to begin offering our services to the Residential sector by delivering Rate Lock..

Residential Apartment Building

How it Works

Downtown Cleveland skyline from the lakefront in Ohio USA.jpg

Ready to use our services ?


Ohio Energy Management delivered results. They listened, pursued discovery techniques to identify the specific utility cost savings and together we arrived at the approach. OEM reviewed contractual language, utility rate structure, analyzed potential savings and calculated ROI’s.We’re very happy with OEM’s response and most of all favorable outcome. Five stars!


Ohio Energy Management demonstrates an uncanny level of industry knowledge which they use to guide customers through the complex world of energy to make things simple. You can expect a white glove experience from James who always keeps his phone on, ready to serve his customers with any energy problem. Would highly recommend working with OEM.

Residential Customer

Ohio energy management has calmed my financial insecurities with rising energy costs by locking in my rate. Thank you!

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