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Energy costs similar to everything else in our economy are becoming more expensive. Rate Lock works by securing a price slightly below todays market rate for the next 12-36 months, its free to enroll and you are free to leave at anytime. We are pleased to offer you the ability to control the rising cost of your electric bill. Through the Energy Choice Program, Ohio Energy Management has saved Companies across Ohio over $100,000,000 on energy rate costs. We have figured out how to provide these same rate savings to residential customers by making your Utility purchase its power from the lowest possible supplier. Ohio Energy Management will be your consultant between you and your Utility, making sure you receive the lowest possible fixed rate on your utility bill. Get premium protection against changing market prices. Lock in long-term rate certainty and ease your mind about market volatility.

Benefits of working with Ohio Energy Management

When you choose Ohio Energy Management as your energy consultant, switching your service is seamless and hassle-free. There is nothing for you to do, we handle everything. You will experience no service interruptions during the switch and your local utility will continue to deliver your electricity to your home and respond to consumer emergencies. Ohio Energy Management customers also enjoy:

  • No enrollment fees

  • No service interruptions during the switch

  • Pricing and plans designed to fit any budget

  • Budget Billing available in select markets

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Energy Choice? 

Energy choice has been around for more than two decades in certain states and is designed to ensure consumers have access to adequate and competitively priced energy supplies. While your local utility is still responsible for maintaining the wires, pipes, and infrastructure that make up the distribution system, reading your meter, and responding to emergencies, the utility no longer holds a monopoly on the energy service. Customers have the ability to choose from multiple competitive retailers that offer various service plans at competing rates.

What is an energy supplier? 

An energy supplier is a company that acquires its electricity, renewable energy, or natural gas supplies from the wholesale market and is licensed to sell it retail to homes and businesses. Wholesale energy supply sources include much of the same source that the utility will use, such as electricity generators or the open market. An energy supplier is not your local utility.

The utility still operates the local distribution wires and pipes which carry electricity and natural gas through its territory and to homes or businesses. An energy supplier purchases and supplies energy, the local utility, delivers the energy to your home

How Do I enroll for Fixed Rate service with Ohio Energy Management? 

It’s simple. If you are the account holder or a legally authorized person on the account, you may enroll right here online. It only takes a few minutes – all you need is your utility bill to get started.

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